Why Schools Need a Lockdown Alert System

Martyns Law Protection of Premises

In today’s unpredictable world, the safety of students and staff is the utmost priority for educational institutions. Implementing a lockdown alert system is no longer an option but a necessity, for several reasons: 1. Rapid Response to Threats Time is of the essence in any emergency, and any delay can have catastrophic consequences. Audiebant’s robust […]

Benefits of installing a modern, fit-for-purpose lockdown system

Currently, most facility communication systems like tannoys can only broadcast the same announcement throughout the entire facility. Traditional communication methods such as bells, whistles, and walkie-talkies are now classed as not fit for purpose. This is because they can’t provide different advice or directions to staff and visitors in separate areas. A fit-for-purpose communication system […]

Martyn’s Law – The Upcoming Protection of Premises Legislation

Martyns Law Protection of Premises

Martyn’s Law (Protection of Premises Bill) Upcoming Legislation.   The 2023 King’s Speech included the UK Government’s proposed Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, commonly referred to as Martyn’s Law. This significant legislation marks a pivotal step in the UK’s counter-terrorism efforts, introducing specific obligations for buildings based on capacity: standard measures for those with over […]