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Why audio?

Audio communication has been used to inform the public for centuries.

Recent independent academic studies have found that audio alerts are more likely to be noticed and adhered to than visual alerts.

The state of the art Audiebant™ system is effective because it uses Signal Detection Theory which dictates that messages must be different from a background to be noticed.

Hospital Trusts & Medical Facilities

We are increasingly aware of the difficulties in communicating effectively with patients and visitors.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Improve, manage and maintain communications in critical situations protecting both students and staff.

Local Authorities & Town Centre BID

Local radio has also been affected by the emergence of other forms of broadcasting. Regional news services are currently under threat.

Council & Trust Leisure Facilities

Technology and changing patterns of communication have seen the demise of local newspapers and their readership.

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Partnerships to improve, manage and maintain communications

Our communication system answers the need for broadcasting important and informative announcements in all environments whether indoor or outdoor.

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complex zone management systems

Our platform lets you play and schedule different announcements in different zones – this is easily changeable whenever you need.

You have the availability to mix live and pre-recorded announcements as it suits your needs as well as an over-ride facility to use in emergencies that can be accessed from any mobile device.

Health and Education
Town & City Centres

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