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Do you have a lockdown system?

There is an ever-increasing importance for Lockdown Systems in schools, colleges and other public buildings. We have developed an effective Lockdown Audio System to meet the needs of your individual buildings. Any opportunity to prevent threats should be taken advantage of with the use of audio communications inactive security zones.

There is an increased need for efficient procedures to protect everyone and reduce the risk of danger. This has now become an important necessity for all places of education.

An effective Lockdown System can be incredibly beneficial by providing instructions to students and staff to find a safe, secure location or exit strategy, therefore reducing potential casualties and incidents.

we provide

broadcasting systems

Our network has the added benefit in all aspects of safeguarding for children and young adults.

Mass Notifications

Audio provides the very best solution for mass notification in a Lockdown situation.

Emergency Situations

All education facilities can face emergency situations that require a Lockdown, evacuation or at the very least a warning.

Protect Your People

The main aim of our Lockdown System is to remove students and staff from any kind of potential danger during an emergency situation.

Safety is Paramount

Nothing is more important than the safety of your students and staff.

The Ofsted best practice guide has numerous

procedures and guidance that we support

Covid-19 Safeguarding

Student Services and Facilities

Conduct and Behaviour Guidelines

Child Protection

Anti-Bullying, Racism and Hate Crime Reporting


Mental Health

Unacceptable use of Mobile Technology

Events and Extra-Curricular Activities

Education facilities that use the Audiebant Lockdown Safeguarding System

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