School Lockdown, Communication, Alert & Bell System

We have built the Audiebant system based on the specific needs of educational facilities and based on the latest government, counter terrorism and NASUWT guidance.

Communication and safety is paramount and our unique zoning capability ensures we can scale the system to meet the requirements of all establishments from primary schools through to secondary schools, academies and Colleges.

Lockdown, Communication and Alert System Testimonial Compilation:

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Our system provides:

Audiebant’s Audible, Visual and Mobile Lockdown & Communication System provides instructions to students and staff directing them to find a safe, secure location or exit strategy, dependant on the type of emergency

  • Emergency messages and pre-recorded content can be changed or updated easily using a mobile phone or computer, offering users the ability to create, add, and change messages whenever and from wherever on-site that they wish.
  • The system can be used as a public address system, play music, make class change announcements and can also stream any content you choose such as Prayers or Remembrance Day.

  • Pre-recorded announcements are tailored to your specific requirements – From simple behaviour reminders to general safeguarding messages which can run at set intervals throughout the day or be pushed out when required at the click of a button.

  • We supply software which enables your messages to be displayed on an unlimited number of computers, smart boards and via a mobile alert app.

  • All areas can be covered both internally and externally, including playing fields and car parks.

  • The system can send different messages to separate locations dependant on the specific emergency and requirement.

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