Benefits of installing a modern, fit-for-purpose lockdown system

Currently, most facility communication systems like tannoys can only broadcast the same announcement throughout the entire facility. Traditional communication methods such as bells, whistles, and walkie-talkies are now classed as not fit for purpose. This is because they can’t provide different advice or directions to staff and visitors in separate areas.

A fit-for-purpose communication system should be able to make distinct announcements in different zones. This ensures clarity, prevents confusion and allows for specific instructions or alternative exit strategies or to find a safe and secure location 

By using text-to-voice messaging, broadcasts are calm and precise, reducing panic; external speakers ensure that nobody enters the facility during a lockdown.

Audiebant’s Lockdown, Communication, Alert & Bell system is an all-in-one solution that enhances security and safety across any site.


Benefits of implementing a modern lockdown system:


  • Immediate Communication: It enables instant communication across the entire facility or designated zones at the click of a button on our app or desktop software, ensuring that all occupants receive critical information promptly, including instructions on how to respond during a lockdown situation.

  • Clear Messaging: With features like text-to-voice messaging, a modern lockdown system can offer clear, calm, and precise instructions, reducing panic and confusion among occupants and guiding them to a safe and secure location.

  • Zoned Solution: The ability to customise announcements for specific zones within a facility ensures that relevant information is communicated to the right areas, allowing for tailored responses based on the nature and location of the threat.

  • Compliant with Regulations: Audiebant’s Lockdown, Communication, Alert & Bell system can help facilities comply with local and national safety regulations. It seamlessly aligns with the guidance set by the National Protective Security Authority and Counter Terrorism Policing regarding Martyn’s Law in the UK, which mandates specific security measures for public venues to protect against terrorist attacks.

  • Rapid Lockdown Activation: Authorised personnel can activate the lockdown system from multiple points, including mobile devices and computers, ensuring a swift response to threats and the ability to adapt as the situation unfolds.

  • Peace of Mind: For administrators, staff, students, and parents, knowing that a reliable lockdown system is in place provides peace of mind that safety is a top priority and that measures are in place to protect against unforeseen threats.

  • Post-Incident Recovery: Following an incident, the system can facilitate communication and coordination, aiding in the recovery process and the resumption of normal operations with minimal disruption.

In summary, a lockdown system is a critical component of modern safety and emergency preparedness strategies. It provides the ability to enhance safety and protect property during critical incidents and reinforces an institution’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment for all its occupants.