UpHolland High School – The Audiebant Lockdown, Alert, Bell and Class Changeover System

Up Holland High School needed a system to ensure that our staff and students would be safe in any emergency situation.

“We realised that a standard fire alarm would not be able to sufficiently alert people and tell them what to do in any circumstance”. The Audiebant Lockdown, Alert, Bell and Class Changeover System.

“We needed to be able to communicate immediately, in regards to what incident was happening and provide reassuring information to staff and students and advise them what to do”.

“We were contacted by Audiebant and invited to a Teams meeting with their Commercial Director Josh Dean then a site visit was arranged so Audiebant could establish how many speakers and zones we would need and how their system could integrate with our policy and procedures”.

“The zones were explained as areas that can be isolated so that messages can be sent to any individual or multiple zone areas, as needed. If an incident was to occur in one area then we could notify other areas to evacuate via a different exit, or stay, dependant on the situation. The fact that any authorised user can send these alert messages from any mobile or computer, ensures that if an incident happened, in any location, then staff can send the alerts and relevant advice”.

Up Holland High School was split into 6 zoned areas with 54 speakers (internal and external) to ensure all areas were covered.

The Audiebant Lockdown, Alert. Bell & Class Changeover system provides everything the school needs to completely guarantee that anyone onsite could be made aware of any incident, in any location, at any time. There was no other product, that we could find, available like this.

“We liked the potential of all of the extras that come with the system and we intend to use the announcements for open evenings and sending safeguarding messages and the streaming capability is an added bonus. We specially like the Bell option and we now use this as the main school bell for class changeovers”.

“The whole process from initial contact through to final installation and follow up support was seamless, safe, efficient and non-disruptive and I would not hesitate in recommending the Audiebant Safeguarding & Lockdown system for other places of Education”.

John Simpkin

Operations Manager Up Holland High School