Transforming School Environments with Audiebant: A Video Case Study from Blessed Carlo Acutis School

Blessed Carlo Acutis School in Liverpool, under the guidance of Head Teacher Alicia Freeman, has embarked on a remarkable journey of transforming its school environment. The key to this transformation? The introduction of the Audiebant system. Our lockdown alert and bell system has not only modernized the school’s communication infrastructure but also cultivated a calmer and more purposeful atmosphere among students.

Alicia Freeman, Headteacher at Blessed Carlo Acutis School, during an interview in her office.


Leadership in Focus: Headteacher Alicia Freeman shares insights during an interview with Audiebant.

The Need for Change

Previously, the school relied on an outdated fire alarm system for its bell system, which was loud and anxiety-inducing for students. Recognising the need for modernisation, the school opted for the Audiebant lockdown, alert & bell system. This allowed for a smoother transition between lessons with less disruptive bell tones and offered a broader range of messaging options for staff, students and visitors.

Cultivating a Calmer Environment

One of the most significant changes has been the replacement of traditional bells with music. This subtle shift has brought a calming influence during transitions, encouraging students to move quietly and purposefully. The end of the music signals them to return to their classrooms, ready to learn. This approach has not only reduced noise and chaos but also enriched the school’s culture.

Customization and Training

The Audiebant lockdown, alert & bell system offers bespoke messaging options, tailored to the school’s specific needs. Staff from Blessed Carlo underwent a series of training sessions, ensuring that the staff were confident in using the system and had ongoing support from Audiebant’s team. This level of customisation and support has been instrumental in the smooth implementation and operation of the system.

Efficient Installation

The installation of the system was executed with minimal disruption during term time, accomplished efficiently within the school’s desired timeframe. This quick and clean installation process ensured the system was up and running for the new academic year, aligning with the school’s schedule perfectly.

Musical Integration

Initially, classical music was introduced, opening students’ eyes to various music genres and enhancing the music curriculum. Over time, the school has incorporated recommendations from staff and students, adding more familiar tunes, like Disney songs, and planning to integrate hymns reflecting the school’s Christian values during advent.

Expanding the Success

The success of the Audiebant system at Blessed Carlo Acutis School has not gone unnoticed. Other schools within the St Josephs Multi Academy trust in the Liverpool area such as St Augustine are now adopting the system, thanks to its proven effectiveness and the positive feedback it has gathered.


The implementation of the Audiebant school lockdown, alert and bell system at Blessed Carlo Acutis School showcases the effectiveness of modern mass communication solutions in fostering an environment that is ideal for learning.

Head Teacher Alicia Freeman’s vision and the school’s commitment to modernization have not only enhanced day-to-day operations but have also positively impacted the students’ learning experience and the school’s overall atmosphere.

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