The Heights School's Transformation with Audiebant: A Case Study Video

Introduction to Enhanced Safety Measures

The journey to enhanced safety and communication at The Heights School in Burnley began with a pivotal incident that highlighted the need for a more sophisticated evacuation system that covered lockdown situations in schools. David Bury, the School’s Business Manager, shared his insights on the decision to implement the Audiebant System, a choice driven by the need to differentiate evacuation alerts from standard fire alarms.

David Bury, the school's business manager, discussing the Audiebant system in the hair and beauty workshop at The Heights School
David Bury, The Heights School in Burnley’s Business Manager, speaking about the Audiebant system in the Hair & Beauty workshop.

Choosing Audiebant for Comprehensive Solutions

David’s thorough research led him to Audiebant. He was impressed by the system’s adaptability and the positive feedback from other educational institutions in the local area. “Audiebant ticked all the boxes,” David remarked, underscoring the system’s alignment with the school’s specific requirements.

Seamless Installation and Minimal Disruption

The installation process of the Audiebant system was smooth and minimally disruptive, even during term time. This seamless integration of the system into the school’s daily operations was a significant success factor.

Expert Technicians and Ongoing Support

David praised the professionalism of the technicians who installed the system. Their expertise and the continuous support offered by Audiebant played a crucial role in the system’s successful adoption at the school.

Beyond Emergencies: Everyday Efficiency

The Audiebant system’s impact extends beyond emergency situations. David highlighted its effectiveness in managing the school’s daily routines, such as class changeovers and announcements, improving overall efficiency and order.

Versatility in Communication

A key feature of the Audiebant system is its ability to create multiple zones for tailored audio messaging. This versatility is particularly beneficial in diverse school environments, catering to different needs, from the primary school and special educational needs areas with softer tones to areas requiring louder volumes such as the sports hall.

Real-Life Success: A Calm and Organized Evacuation

David recounted a recent full-scale lockdown evacuation drill that demonstrated the system’s effectiveness. The calm and well-organized evacuation underscored the system’s capability in managing critical situations successfully.

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

The Heights School’s unique challenges, such as the need for increased volume in noisy areas like the construction hub and hair and beauty salon, were met with custom solutions. Additional speakers and thoughtful placements, like a protective cage in the sports hall, ensured the system’s efficiency across various school environments.

A Strong Endorsement

David concluded with a strong endorsement of the Audiebant system, not just for its functionality but also for the ease and professionalism experienced from the initial discussions to the system’s installation and operation. His recommendation extends to other schools within their multi-academy trust, solidifying Audiebant’s role as a key player in advancing school safety and communication systems.

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