Advancing Communication at Eden Boys School with Audiebant - A Case Study Video

Introduction to a New Era of Communication

At Eden Boys School, the implementation of the Lockdown Alert & Bell System for Schools, Colleges & Universities system has marked a significant evolution in educational communication. Originally intended for sophisticated lockdown capabilities, the system has become integral to the school’s daily routine, encompassing a comprehensive school bell and class changeover system.

ICT Technician Maaz Melia and Oscar Rowley in conversation about the Audiebant lockdown system, illustrating its multi-zone broadcasting capabilities


ICT Technician Maaz Melia and Oscar Rowley from Audiebant delve into the functionalities of the Audiebant lockdown system at Eden Boys School.

Heartbeat of the School Day

The Audiebant system, with its blend of audio, visual, and mobile technologies, is now the heartbeat of Eden Boys School’s operational day. From managing the smooth flow of the day with the morning and end-of-day bells to enhancing student safety, Audiebant plays a crucial role.

Ensuring Swift and Clear Communication

In urgent situations, clear and rapid communication is vital. The Audiebant lockdown system ensures Eden Boys School can swiftly broadcast critical information, safeguarding the security of pupils and staff.

Transforming Lesson Transitions

The Audiebant school bell system transforms lesson transitions into tranquil moments. Customised sounds, reflective of the school’s ethos, guide students through their day with peace and order.

Audibility in Every Corner

Audiebant has a wide range of speakers from projection to bi-directional that are designed to ensure every critical message is heard loud and clear, even in the bustling environments of Hair & Beauty workshops. This capability ensures that safety messages and announcements reach every student, no matter where they are in the school.

Vice Principal Richard Foster speaking about he implemented the Audiebant system at Eden Boys School


Assistant Principal Richard Foster at Eden Boys School

An Assistant Principal’s Perspective

Assistant Principal Richard Foster shares his experience with Audiebant: “Once the system was installed, we realised its full potential extended far beyond our original intention. We now use it for our lesson changeover, playing a two-minute Durood that adds a calming influence and an element of faith to the school day, which students respect and appreciate as they move between lessons.”

Seamless Installation and Support: The installation of the Audiebant system was characterised by a bespoke process and thorough training, with ongoing support to ensure the school continues to maximise the system’s benefits.

A Commitment to Educational Excellence

The adoption of the Audiebant communication system by Eden Boys School represents a commitment to advancing educational excellence. The system is an invaluable asset, reinforcing security measures and enriching the school’s cultural fabric and daily communication.

The Audiebant Difference

Join the ranks of schools like Eden Boys School and experience the Audiebant difference, where modern technology meets educational tradition within a comprehensive safety and communication solution.

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