Communication and Safety at St Bedes High School with Audiebant - Case Study Video

St Bedes High School in Blackburn recently embraced a significant upgrade in communications by installing the Audiebant lockdown and general day to day communication system. Their requirement was for a comprehensive lockdown communication and bell system that would efficiently cover both indoor and outdoor areas and deliver distinct messages simultaneously to different zones within the school.

George Crewe, Facilities Manager at St Bedes Catholic School, speaking about the Audiebant system installation, seated in the lecture hall.


George Crewe elaborates on the Audiebant Installation at St Bedes Catholic School.

St Bedes High School recognized the necessity of a system that could not only handle emergencies but also streamline daily communications and announcements. The Audiebant system was identified as the perfect solution to meet these diverse needs.

Facilities manager – George Crewe from St Bedes High School shared his thoughts on the implementation: “We primarily use the system as a clear distinction between an alarm for evacuation and widespread messages to staff and pupils throughout the day. The bell facility is particularly useful to us.” This highlights the system’s versatility in addressing various communication requirements in a school setting.

The school’s journey to Audiebant began while updating their emergency plan. George Crewe noted, “It was a system we needed across four buildings all at once. It’s needed in the majority of schools, public buildings, and council buildings across the country.” St Bedes was directed to Audiebant through the local authority, finding that it exactly matched their needs.

George emphasised the ease of the process: “From consultancy to installation, the keyword was simplicity. There was no disruption to education, everything was done during term time, with fully DBS cleared engineers, and we were kept informed throughout.”

St Bedes High School were impressed with the training and ongoing support provided by Audiebant. George Crewe added, “The system is very user-friendly, and we have found helpful hints and tips on the website. I definitely recommend it to any school or public building looking for this sort of system.”

Our recent visit to St Bedes High School showcased the Audiebant lockdown system for schools in action. This comprehensive system manages lockdowns, invacuations, evacuations, day-to-day announcements, a fully customizable school bell, music, and safeguarding messages.

An informative display showcasing Audiebant's installation at St Bedes Catholic School, featuring 5 internal zones, 2 external zones, 63 mixed speaker types, and full access for unlimited users across multiple platforms


Audiebant’s Comprehensive Installation at St Bedes: A Closer Look.

One of the daily announcements broadcasted at St Bedes is a testament to the school’s commitment to a positive and respectful environment: “The school has a zero-tolerance policy in relation to acts of bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind.”

The implementation of the Audiebant system at St Bedes High School in Blackburn is a prime example of how modern technology can revolutionise communication and enhance safety in educational settings. The system’s flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive coverage make it an invaluable asset for schools, ensuring a safe and efficient communication environment for students, staff, and visitors.

For schools and public institutions seeking a similar transformation in communication and safety, Audiebant offers the ideal solution. Book a teams on the link below to learn more about how we can tailor our system to meet your specific needs.