Patient Announcement System

We are increasingly aware of the importance of Hospital Trusts and medical facilities face in communicating effectively with patients and visitors.

Our mass alert zoned, audible systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each medical facility.

Our zoned audible and visual lockdown system ensures the delivery of quick, clear, concise and consistent instructions, directing people to safety from any location.

The Audiebant system broadcasts your bespoke messages, call to room and live waiting times to all patients, staff and visitors within your waiting areas.

What are the benefits?

For staff

For patients

For everyone

"Since installation, only a matter of weeks ago, we are already seeing a reduction in staff incident reports by as much as 40%, which is significant in keeping our staff safe whilst on duty. The benefits of the system significantly outweigh the very reasonable costs associated with install and updating of the system"

"George Eliot Hospital”

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