Local Authorities & Central Government

The new government legislation of Martyn’s Law (the Protection of Premises) will shortly affect every local authority in the UK. All premises with 100+ capacity must be compliant.

The Audiebant Zoned Mass Audible and Visual Communication System fulfils the recommended audible guidelines produced by Counter Terrorism Policing and the NPSA, National Protective Security Authority.

Providing instructions to personnel and members of the public to find a safe, secure location or exit strategy, will therefore reduce potential casualties and further incidents.

Our system provides:

Simple, easy to operate and can be used on a day-to-day basis

Instant using our text-to-voice technology or pre-recorded messages

Live, instant, pre-timed and calendar-triggered announcements

Martyn’s Law Compliancy (Protection of Premises Legislation)

Play supplied license-free music making a pleasant, welcoming environment

Lockdown Invacuation and Evacuation system

Why you need a fit for purpose communication system:

For further information regarding the Protection of Premises act, please click here.

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