Holy Cross Catholic High School, Chorley – Paul Morris, Assistant Headteacher

We recently received this testimonial from Paul Morris – Assistant Headteacher at Holy Cross Catholic High School, Chorley. He explains how smoothly the system installation and training process is with Audiebant. 

Following an excellent presentation by the team at LASBM, and consequent meeting with the Senior Leadership Team at Holy Cross School, we decided to install Audiebant. The fitting process was discreet, efficient and caused very little disruption to the running of the school over the few days it took to install the sound system. There was online training for the relevant staff in school who would be using the system. It was informative and all Audiebant staff involved in the training are knowledgeable, personable and respond quickly to any questions we have asked.” Paul Morris – Assistant Headteacher

The Audiebant System can be used for lockdown, invacuation, evacuation but also day-to-day general communication. Paul explains how Holy Cross have utilised their 7 zone system to coordinate their school photograph day. The zoned system allows the users to send area specific messages, allowing targeted communication across the whole school.

“Since being installed, it has already proved invaluable. We had a whole school photograph recently and all communication with staff and pupils on when to arrive was via Audiebant. We also use the system to communicate to staff and pupils if we have wet break/lunch protocol. Messages are formed extremely quickly and makes communicating very simple. We would highly recommend Audiebant.” 

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