Corporate Lockdown Solution

In response to the increasing incidents and lockdown situations in the UK, combined with the numerous enquiries we have received following the proposed Martyn’s Law (Protection of Premises) Legislation. Audiebant, the leading provider of lockdown and mass communication systems to the public sector has now expanded into the private sector.

View the video here to understand the key requirements under this new legislation:

Audiebant’s unique system covers :

Lockdown Invacuation and Evacuation system

Martyn’s Law Compliancy (Protection of Premises Legislation)

Instant using our text-to-voice technology or pre-recorded messages

Individual zoned areas

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The system also has the ability to broadcast staff updates, company procedures, and shift changes. Additionally, it can relay visitor announcements to enhance the customer experience, boost revenues, cross-promote services, and advertise upcoming events.  

Audiebant’s Audible, Visual and Mobile Lockdown systems have been designed to cover the communication needs of a wide range of venues, including :-

Shopping centres, sports stadiums, arenas, visitor attractions, railways, airports, hotels, apartment blocks, offices

Race tracks, theatres, zoos, conference centres, cinemas, cruise ships, ferries

Passenger ships, department stores, warehouse, factories and heritage sites

Why you need a fit for purpose communication system:

For further information regarding the Protection of Premises act, please click here.

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