Local Authorities & Town Centre BID


make an impact with audio, over TVs & posters

At Audiebant, we are increasingly aware of the difficulties Local Authorities face in attempting to communicate effectively with all their residents and visitors.

In these times of austerity, the reduction of public expenditure and the scrutiny of how funds are spent, it is vital to get the best value.

Technology and changing patterns of communication have seen the demise of local newspapers and their readership.

Local radio has also been affected by the emergence of other forms of broadcasting. Regional news services are currently under threat.

Facebook, Instagram and other social media have become addictive, but unfortunately, Local Authorities using this type of technology has not got the same appeal. Posters, leaflets and TV digital displays do NOT have the same impact.

In response to this, 10 years ago Audiebant diversified into the Local Authority market with great success.

Audiebant made an instant impact by providing a solution that provided many benefits.


we provide are unique

Unlimited Announcements

Including scripting, advice, completion and recording.

Pedestrian Management System

Vacate area, do not enter, socially distance.

Instant Emergency Announcements

Bespoke announcements to play instantly or the option of AI Voice technology.

Announcement Log

Preview the usage and messages played.

Multiple Zone Facility

Providing site tailored announcements for multiple locations.

Timed Area Zoned Activity

Select when to start and stop the system in each location.

Instant Priority Control

over Multiple Devices, accessing the announcements from any device.

Volume Pre-set Capability

Make sure your important messages are heard, playing slightly louder.

Ambient Noise Sensor

for an increased volume in busy, noisy periods.


Recovery Announcements

Covid Announcements

Emergency Announcements

Welcome Messages

News Announcements

Visitor Announcements

Official Announcements