Keeping children safe in education

Increasingly, schools are “locking down” in response to personal safety threats. These range from medical emergencies to more serious threats.

Often used are weapons such as – knives, guns and explosives, to vehicles which inflict harm on others. Sadly, their targets are all too often children. We must be keeping children safe in education.

Helping you

At Audiebant, for over 10 years we have been working in partnership with the Local Government and the NHS on lockdown, security and safeguarding.

Our bespoke platform for educational facilities has now been installed in various colleges, hospitals and schools throughout the UK with many more scheduled.

In cases of emergency, our approach offers the ability for instant live site-wide communication, with text-to-voice AI technology or pre-recorded messages.

So, what is a lockdown?

An emergency impacting a school or campus that prevents the safe evacuation of a school building and requires steps to shelter students and staff from danger.

Getting the most from your solution

People, processes, and technology need to always work together.
There is no value from technology if people don’t know how to use it.
Having the best food ingredients is pointless if you don’t know how to cook!
Audiebant will ensure you know how every element of our easy-to-operate system works.

Educate and train

A lot of people are involved in ensuring that your school or college is fully secured.
Students, staff and above all else parents, all play their part.
Communication is vital.
There are a lot of people involved.
But with so much at stake, regular training can be lifesaving.

Communication is key

Communication with staff and students is vital.
Sharing information with the people who need it – can be key in a lockdown situation.
Our system provides for school or college-wide communication. It is accessible via our secure Cloud-based technology on a mobile, laptop or desktop device.
The pre-recorded messages or live AI technology can be played in all your key areas with ease.


To familiarise your staff and students, you can also use your system as a communication channel in many areas such as:

  • Covid 19 messaging
  • Child protection
  • Mental Health promotion
  • Behaviour policies
  • Anti-bullying, Racism and Hate Crime Reporting
  • Safeguarding: Mobile phones, acceptable and unacceptable use of mobile technology
  • Student Services and Facilities
  • Conduct and Behaviour Guidelines
  • Events and Extra-Curricular Activities

So, what now?

Schools and colleges are ultimately responsible for the children in their care.
At Audiebant we want to help you find the best solution and test and review your security protocol.

Contact us now and a member of staff will get in touch to review your facility.

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Rojer Jones

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