8 tips for safer students

Keeping your school or college safe is so important. Here are 8 tips for safer students.

Lockdown Systems

Lockdown procedures are reserved for maintaining safety when there is an immediate threat to those in the school.

The procedure should explain how building occupants will be notified of a lockdown.

Outline how to stay safe no matter the location.

What should the student do if they’re in the bathroom, gym, cafeteria or hallway?

Install Security Systems

According to the Department of Justice in the US, more than 98 per cent of schools have some kind of security technology to keep students safe. But what is the % in the UK?

An effective security system is made up of numerous tools. These include intrusion detection, panic buttons and security hardware. These tools, while effective on their own, work best when implemented together. So why not have a lockdown system?

Improve Lighting

Lighting is one of the most commonly overlooked safety features in a school. Is there is a certain location more prone to slips, falls or violence? Why not add better lighting which can be an effective solution.

Strong Communication

Make sure students and staff in portables are as safe as those in the main area. Provide strong communications between buildings. Periodically test telephones and PA systems.

Schools and school districts that plan, document and communicate safety measures are better prepared and protected when emergencies arise.

Tools and Software

A Central Reporting Mechanism

A simple solution is to implement a central reporting mechanism that anyone can use to submit a tip.

Your mechanism can be as formal as an online web form. Or how about an anonymous tip box. It’s the availability, not the method, that matters most.

Learn and Make Changes

Acknowledge Mistakes

School safety is an ever-changing process. There will always be new students, new faculty and new situations. That’s why it’s important to set time aside after every incident. Reflect and learn from mistakes that were made.

Carry Out Changes

Once you’ve acknowledged the school’s safety mistake, it’s just as important to brainstorm changes. Fix the issue and carry them out. Don’t let fixes fall between the cracks.

Without making any changes you’ll only repeat the same mistake, and next time there might be an injury or worse . . .

Evaluate Changes

If you’ve made changes, don’t just forget about it and hope for the best. Track the situation to make sure that your fix is working and not making the problem worse.

Talk to our team at Audibant about how we can make your school or college even safer for students.

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